Gourmet Candy Making is EASY and FUN!

Learn just a few basic principles and you will enjoy making AMAZING Gourmet confections right away. Now is a GREAT time to begin experimenting and playing with chocolate...Just in time to really ramp up your delicious chocolate gift making this holiday season LIKE US on FACEBOOK for candy making recipes and upcoming lessons.
  • The candy making season really kicks into high gear starting with Halloween and goes all the way through Easter.


Tools & Utensils for Candy Making

EQUIPMENT FOR MAKING GOURMET CHOCOLATES   Being prepared, having everything you need at hand BEFORE you start your candy making projects-recipes will make … [Read More...]

compound coating

What is Compound Coating or Compound Chocolate ?

Compound coating or compound chocolate is a popular, easy to use substitute for REAL chocolate. It is a sweet candy, comes in many colors, very affordable and … [Read More...]


Selecting the best Chocolate for your recipe

Rule of Thumb:  " BUY TO BEST YOU CAN FIND... AND THE BEST YOU CAN AFFORD" You truly get what you pay for when buying chocolate.  When choosing the … [Read More...]


Tempering Chocolate, Step by Step VIDEO

TEMPERED CHOCOLATE  is the first step in creating mouth watering gourmet chocolate confections. There is no substitute for the taste and texture of REAL … [Read More...]

IMG_7675-peppermint brittle-lrg

Candy Cane Bark

During the Holidays when you don’t have much time but still want to give a gift a special gift from your kitchen, chocolate bark is the perfect solution and … [Read More...]

rock candy

Rock Candy-Easy Summer Treat

Rock candy is a great summer candy recipe that kids will love to make and then enjoy! It doesn't include heat, safe for little ones and can actually be … [Read More...]


Raspberry Chocolate Truffles

The CLASSIC TRUFFLE is a favorite confection of anyone who loves chocolate.  Adding fresh fruits, chopped nutmeats and/or exotic flavorings extends your truffle … [Read More...]

Decorating with Chocolate VIDEOS 1 and 2 |-1

Decorating with Chocolate VIDEOS 1 and 2

Advanced and OH SO inspiring techniques in decorating with chocolate. Presented by Grand-Place Chocolates in Vietnam. Enjoy both segments. Gourmet Candy Maker … [Read More...]