Christmas Chocolate House

Chocolate House- White chocolate Gourmet Candy Maker

It’s never too early to start planning Holiday parties, gifts and festivities.   Our Chocolate “Home for the Holidays” Candy Making kit is a perfect gift for yourself or to give away! Using the incredibly detailed chocolate molds create the house base using milk chocolate, white or dark chocolate then decorate to your hearts content. […]

Candy Cane Bark

IMG_7675-peppermint brittle-lrg

During the Holidays when you don’t have much time but still want to give a gift a special gift from your kitchen, chocolate bark is the perfect solution and will be a remembered hit with everyone on your gift list. Peppermint or Candy Cane bark is at the top of the wish list of your […]

Rock Candy-Easy Summer Treat

rock candy

Rock candy is a great summer candy recipe that kids will love to make and then enjoy! It doesn’t include heat, safe for little ones and can actually be considered a simple science project . Allow about a week to begin seeing the sugar crystals grow. Your kids will get up every morning to check […]

Raspberry Chocolate Truffles


The CLASSIC TRUFFLE is a favorite confection of anyone who loves chocolate.  Adding fresh fruits, chopped nutmeats and/or exotic flavorings extends your truffle variety and allows you to invent your very own flavor combinations. If you have a favorite ganache recipe  or have made Gourmet Candy Maker’s Classic Ganache, here are some variaions that will […]

Decorating with Chocolate VIDEOS 1 and 2

Decorating with Chocolate VIDEOS 1 and 2 |-1

Advanced and OH SO inspiring techniques in decorating with chocolate. Presented by Grand-Place Chocolates in Vietnam. Enjoy both segments. Gourmet Candy Maker will discuss equipment/tools you need, optimal kitchen conditions, work surface and tempering premium Chocolate in a companion video.  

Crunchy Nut Caramel Popcorn

Crunchy Nut Caramel Popcorn |-2

Superbowl Sunday is THE DAY for big, loud happy get togethers. Everyone thinks about serving hearty lunches and snacks like hot chili, chips & dips, hamburgers and beer but what about that sweet tooth? Home made Crunchy Nut Caramel Popcorn is a sweet treat that combines the favorite taste of popcorn and roasted nuts and satisfies the […]

Tools & Utensils for Candy Making


EQUIPMENT FOR MAKING GOURMET CHOCOLATES   Being prepared, having everything you need at hand BEFORE you start your candy making projects-recipes will make the process easier and lots more fun.  Preparation is very simple and the tools are few.  Here is a list of MUST haves and a few items that make the process easier… […]

FIND A CHOCOLATE SHOP APP for I-Phone and Android

App Store - Find Chocolate

Happy New Year to my favorite people, “CHOCOLATE LOVERS”. If you are traveling this holiday season, or just shopping in a new town a few miles away, when the CHOCOLATE URGE hits…use this fun APP to discover a chocolate shop nearest you!!  A great little app for both the I-Phone and Android phones we can […]

Cranberry Roasted Almond Chocolate Bark


CRANBERRY BARK is an all-time favorite during the holidays. Combining the seasonal ingredient of Cranberries into a chocolate lovers staple CHOCOLATE BARK makes for a delicious addition to your holiday assortments and a wonderful treat on any dessert table. Add roasted almonds to the mix and you have a treat that is at the top […]

Black Forest Truffles


Black Forest Truffles Originating from the CHOCOLATE COOKBOOK: “Chocolate and Confections From Home” this recipe is absolutely delicious. A departure from the purest Ganache recipe of heavy cream and premium chocolate. We highly recommend using PREMIUM chocolate vs Compound coating…  The flavor is unparalleled and certainly worth the cost and prep time.  Another Gourment Candy Maker suggestion: Use PREMIUM, Tempererd chocolate for coating/dipping […]