25 Sep September 25, 2014

Stages of Cooking Sugar

Understanding the various stages of cooking sugar is a key factor in candy making. Every candy recipe requires a working knowledge of either CHOCOLATE or SUGAR or both! Once you know the 6 stages of cooking sugar: thread stage, soft ball stage, hard ball stage, soft crack stage, hard crack stage and caramelization, you will have […]

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Dipping and in some cases, DOUBLE dipping various foods like cookies, pretzels, cheiires and assorted crackers is a quick, easy and very yummy quick confection. Who wouldn’t like a double stuffed Oreo® Cookie double dipped in premium chocolate? seriously, they are beyond rich and so delicious. The key to a super tasty treat is to […]

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04 Aug August 04, 2014

Basics of Candy Making

BASICS OF CANDY MAKING The GOURMET CANDY MAKER is dedicated to helping you become an expert in small batch gourmet candy making at home. From the basics of working with sugar to advanced chocolate techniques, we are your SINGLE online resource for  candy making information, instruction and amazing recipes.

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Compound coating or compound chocolate is a popular, easy to use substitute for REAL chocolate. It is a sweet candy, comes in many colors, very affordable and does NOT require the process called tempering. To fully explain just exactly what compound coating is, the following article  posted on Sephra Gourmet Journal in 2009 explains compound chocolate or compound coating in great […]

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01 Oct October 01, 2011

Super EASY Gourmet Chocolate Fudge

Lynn Hawks 5 BLOG, Candy Recipes

  The basic recipe can be found all over the internet BUT this recipe has been modified to include PREMIUM CHOCOLATE! The difference is out of this world.  Resist the temptation to use chocolate chips. The results will not be the same! The Ingredients: 18 ounces PREMIUM chocolate  (Flavor of your choice, milk, dark or […]

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