Chocolate Curls

Hi Gourmet Candy Makers, Enjoy this FABULOUS VIDEO from Callabaut showing elegant chocolate decorating techniques. The techniques require knowing how to temper chocolate (NO PROBLEM) In case you haven’t learned our simple tempering process, CLICK HERE for HOW TO TEMPER CHOCOLATE. You’ll notice his work surface is a HUGE marble slab. Although wonderful to have […]

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When the holidays have passed, all the presents have been opened and we return to normal life in the new year… what will our children remember most about the holidays? And, what will they carry with them for their entire lives? I promise you it’s not the Lego set, or the latest video game or The […]

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GCM is always looking for amazing, creative and delicious ways to use chocolate! Julia Usher is an incredible baker I have been following on YouTube for several years. This video deserves sharing because it is all about creating elegant chocolate decorating. Dazzling yet easy to follow. I love her presentation style, calm, great images and […]

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01 Oct October 01, 2015

Hi Facebook Friends…

Lynn Hawks 0 Basics of Candy Making

So Glad you are here! Join our list and get our four part VIDEO SERIES: QUICK START GUIDE to Gourmet Candy Making      

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Learn how to temper real chocolate by hand. Easy step by step video shows you how to work with REAL chocolate and have delicious results.

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So… Candy Making has HIT YOUR RADAR! Where do you begin when you are eager to learn all about specialty candy making quickly? There are lots of cooking websites with a few candy recipes, a few blogs featuring candy making and lots of How-To Videos on You Tube showing candy making techniques… BUT… finding How to […]

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25 Sep September 25, 2014

Stages of Cooking Sugar


Understanding the various stages of cooking sugar is a key factor in candy making. Every candy recipe requires a working knowledge of either CHOCOLATE or SUGAR or both! Once you know the 6 stages of cooking sugar: thread stage, soft ball stage, hard ball stage, soft crack stage, hard crack stage and caramelization, you will have […]

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23 Sep September 23, 2014

Roasting Fresh RAW Almonds

Lynn Hawks 0 Basics of Candy Making
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Roasting raw nuts is the key to unlocking amazing flavor. Almonds are probably the most common but roasting RAW Cashews, Pecans and Walnuts brings a whole new level of flavor to all your candy making endeavors. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Use a jelly roll pan or 9X11 rectangle baking pan Measure 2 pounds RAW […]

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I am always excited to share the world of Gourmet Candy Making. We have created a QUICKSTART GUIDE to GOURMET CANDY MAKING as a way to “check it out” learn a little and get FANTASTIC results right away. ABSOLUTELY FREE this three part Video Series will teach you a lot and give you instant results!   Join […]

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02 Sep September 02, 2014

The Candy Makers Pantry

Lynn Hawks 5 Basics of Candy Making
Planning a great candy making session

Having “everything” you need on hand, before you begin your CANDY MAKING session is VERY helpful. It’s pretty difficult, well actually impossible, to stop the process of making Toffee or Brittle because you suddenly realize you don’t have Baking Soda or enough Butter! The first step in having your most efficient and productive candy making session […]

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