04 Aug August 04, 2014

Basics of Candy Making

BASICS OF CANDY MAKING The GOURMET CANDY MAKER is dedicated to helping you become an expert in small batch gourmet candy making at home. From the basics of working with sugar to advanced chocolate techniques, we are your SINGLE online resource for  candy making information, instruction and amazing recipes.

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01 Jan January 01, 2012

Tools & Utensils for Candy Making

Lynn Hawks 11 Basics of Candy Making

EQUIPMENT FOR MAKING GOURMET CHOCOLATES   Being prepared, having everything you need at hand BEFORE you start your candy making projects-recipes will make the process easier and lots more fun.  Preparation is very simple and the tools are few.  Here is a list of MUST haves and a few items that make the process easier… […]

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Compound coating or compound chocolate is a popular, easy to use substitute for REAL chocolate. It is a sweet candy, comes in many colors, very affordable and does NOT require the process called tempering. To fully explain just exactly what compound coating is, the following article  posted on Sephra Gourmet Journal in 2009 explains compound chocolate or compound coating in great […]

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Review of best chocolates for candy making. Learn how to select the right chocolate for your recipe.

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Microwave Peanut Brittle, fast and easy! Make delicious Peanut Brittle in 10 minutes! Peanut Brittle is one of those confections that brings back fond childhood memories, satisfies a sweet tooth and puts a smile on everyone’s face. Here is a recipe that is easy and fast. Traditional Brittle recipes can be tricky and often take more time than […]

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15 Jan January 15, 2010

Guilt Free Chocolate Fudge

Lynn Hawks 1 Basics of Candy Making

Guilt free chocolate fudge. Using natural sugars this delicious chocolate treat is rich sweet and satisfies the biggest sweet tooth.

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The art of Gourmet Candy Making is all about using premium ingredients and a learning a few basic techniques. Once mastered you will be able to make the most delicious and beautiful confections and candy treats imaginable. People often think of candy making as difficult, hard to do and that working with REAL chocolate is […]

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