OVERHEATING, WATER, and OLD chocolate. The 2 biggest problems you will experience are WATER in your chocolate and BURNING chocolate in the microwave. Both very easy to do and both impossible to recover. We produced the video below to physically show what each problem looks like. WATER, even the smallest splash of water can ruin […]

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Chocolate Curls

Hi Gourmet Candy Makers, Enjoy this FABULOUS VIDEO from Callabaut showing elegant chocolate decorating techniques. The techniques require knowing how to temper chocolate (NO PROBLEM) In case you haven’t learned our simple tempering process, CLICK HERE for HOW TO TEMPER CHOCOLATE. You’ll notice his work surface is a HUGE marble slab. Although wonderful to have […]

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When the holidays have passed, all the presents have been opened and we return to normal life in the new year… what will our children remember most about the holidays? And, what will they carry with them for their entire lives? I promise you it’s not the Lego set, or the latest video game or The […]

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01 Dec December 01, 2015

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake


This Triple Chocolate Cheesecake is as close to a chocolate confection as you can get and still be called a “cake”  I found the recipe online (of course) and was dazzled by the elegant look and amazing ingredients: Cream Cheese, Eggs, Sugar, Chocolate, Chocolate and MORE chocolate! What’s not to love, right? My family has […]

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Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.40.23 AM

GCM is always looking for amazing, creative and delicious ways to use chocolate! Julia Usher is an incredible baker I have been following on YouTube for several years. This video deserves sharing because it is all about creating elegant chocolate decorating. Dazzling yet easy to follow. I love her presentation style, calm, great images and […]

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Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 5.28.14 AM

One of our highly recommended suppliers of PREMIUM/REAL chocolate (couverture) is King Arthur Flour. Sound strange? a flour company selling chocolate? They supply the baking industry with amazing ingredients, including chocolate, pure Vanilla, flavorings and more. Gourmet, quality bakers want the best ingredients, King Arthur Flour is a place to find a big assortment of […]

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Learn how to temper real chocolate by hand. Easy step by step video shows you how to work with REAL chocolate and have delicious results.

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01 Nov November 01, 2014

Candy Cane Bark

IMG_7675-peppermint brittle-lrg

During the Holidays when you don’t have much time but still want to give a gift a special gift from your kitchen, chocolate bark is the perfect solution and will be a remembered hit with everyone on your gift list. Peppermint or Candy Cane bark is at the top of the wish list of your […]

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Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 5.29.06 PM

Dipping and in some cases, DOUBLE dipping various foods like cookies, pretzels, cheiires and assorted crackers is a quick, easy and very yummy quick confection. Who wouldn’t like a double stuffed Oreo® Cookie double dipped in premium chocolate? seriously, they are beyond rich and so delicious. The key to a super tasty treat is to […]

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Love this demonstration from the kitchens of Callebaut showing quick decortaing techniques using PREMUM chocolate. They touch on a simple way to temper chocolate as well BUT the creative and unique decorating tps are stunning. Callebaut is a FAVORED Premium chocolate in the Gourmet Candy Makers kitchen. It can easily be found online AMAZON.COM  and […]

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