01 Dec December 01, 2015

A Candy Making Tradition with Your Kids

When the holidays have passed, all the presents have been opened and we return to normal life in the new year… what will our children remember most about the holidays? And, what will they carry with them for their entire lives? I promise you it’s not the Lego set, or the latest video game or The American Girl Doll your daughter just had to have… When everything settles down we all remember the laughter, the fellowship, the community and closeness we felt with our family, our friends and neighbors.


Holidays are a magical time filled with love, happiness and traditions that we revisit year after year. From decorating your tree on a specific weekend every year,  to serving the hungry at a local shelter, to preparing and serving the “same” turkey dinner… it’s all about memories and the comfort in familiarity and the bond we experience in our personal/family history and tradition.

This is a long winded approach to my topic of KIDS and CANDY MAKING. As a candy maker for more than 30 years and the creator of Gourmet Candy Maker, our family “expects” that when they come to our house they will be involved in a kitchen holiday project. This year was an amazing experience that I just have to share!!

IMG_8886IMG_4022We invited our Grandchildren (6 of  7) to each make their OWN chocolate holiday house. The approach to decorating was as unique as each child: our grandson (age 8) drew a blueprint, his 8 year old cousin strategically and perfectly placed every single M&M on the rooftop in color order and equally spaced.


IMG_8891Our teenage girls helped keep things under control and loved being in charge.

And our 3 year old…well, he just loved “pointing” to where he wanted his candy decorations to be placed.








Watching our grandkids create their masterpieces, then carefully and with such pride place them on the dessert table for “display” made my heart sing. That night, each kid immediately upon returning dragged their parents to the table and asked them to pick out which one they had made. 🙂 Of course, each kid took theirs home when the party was over. I was advised by our grandson “as soon as I get home, I am going to EAT the whole thing”

To this day my son (now 44 with children of his own) recalls his architectural handy work as we made huge Gingerbread Villages for our mantle. He shares crazy stories, with a bit of exaggeration and we all just listen and laugh.

Candy making is the PERFECT kitchen craft. You can make a thousand candy varieties using little to NO heat and tons of kid gratification. From dipping OREO ® cookies in double chocolate to making a very custom candy bar.. kids will “think”, “problem solve” and “create” in a very special way. And the BEST PART is, you will have a magical time together that they will NEVER forget!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season filled with sweet memories galore.


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