23 Jul July 23, 2011



Truffles are one of the simplest and richest confections you can make. Chocolate blended with heavy cream coated in more delicious chocolate, how could you ever go wrong? The answer is… you can’t! You can only make it better! Enhance this CLASSIC TRUFFLE recipe with flavorings, fruits, nuts, liquors  etc.  Let your taste buds and imagination guide […]

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Review of best chocolates for candy making. Learn how to select the right chocolate for your recipe.

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Microwave Peanut Brittle, fast and easy! Make delicious Peanut Brittle in 10 minutes! Peanut Brittle is one of those confections that brings back fond childhood memories, satisfies a sweet tooth and puts a smile on everyone’s face. Here is a recipe that is easy and fast. Traditional Brittle recipes can be tricky and often take more time than […]

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29 Jan January 29, 2010

Share your Family Tradition

Lynn Hawks 2 Chocolate 101

Whether it’s a long standing recipe for P-Nut brittle that you make just once a year, or the annual holiday shopping weekend in the city,  we look forward to those special events year after year. We pass them down to our Children and Grand Children and each year they become more precious. Please share your family […]

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15 Jan January 15, 2010

Brandini Toffee- Wiz Kids

Lynn Hawks 2 FUN Info

Teens create a thriving candy business. Meet the Brandini Toffee creators. They started their business to raise money for a school trip to Italy. Three years later the business is going strong and has a store,factory and many large wholesale accounts.

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15 Jan January 15, 2010

Truffle Weekend Sisters Tradition

Lynn Hawks 0 FUN Info
Gourmet candy making

Each year my sisters, our mother, daughters, granddaughters and close friends gather for three days to produce a bounty of gourmet confections unlike any other time of year. It is an incredible reunion and moment of sisterhood, a time to catch up and share and is an experience we all treasure.

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15 Jan January 15, 2010

Guilt Free Chocolate Fudge

Lynn Hawks 1 Basics of Candy Making

Guilt free chocolate fudge. Using natural sugars this delicious chocolate treat is rich sweet and satisfies the biggest sweet tooth.

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05 Jan January 05, 2010

Chocolate Q&A

Lynn Hawks 12 Chocolate 101

Have a questions? OR something great to share? Comment below and we will make sure to respond right away! P.S. Comments will be reviewed for content and responded to within 24 hours. Questions and comment we find appropriate to our audience will be reposted HERE!  

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The art of Gourmet Candy Making is all about using premium ingredients and a learning a few basic techniques. Once mastered you will be able to make the most delicious and beautiful confections and candy treats imaginable. People often think of candy making as difficult, hard to do and that working with REAL chocolate is […]

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18 Dec December 18, 2009

Books we love at GCM

Lynn Hawks 0 Great Books

We are CRAZY about cook books at GCM. I can’t resist a new book on Exotic Truffles, or Specialty Decorating, even “Candy Making for Dummies”  

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