15 Jan January 15, 2010

Brandini Toffee- Wiz Kids

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At 15 years old the Bandini Toffee kids started their company out of necessity for some “fast cash” Their product ( Toffee)  was so delicious and the community support so strong the orders kept coming.

They not only raised more than enough money for their class trip to Italy but had spending money to boot!  But that’s not all……the orders just kept coming!

Fast forward three short years to Christmas 2009. They now have a store and factory in Rancho Mirage, California, have won the coveted International Fancy Food Shows Gold SOFI award for best chocolate  and have contracts with a very impressive list of retail stores.

Brandon and Leah are inspiring examples of entrepreneurship and the Can Do spirit. Although success has come to them early in life, they plan to stay in college, grow their company and not look back.

Giving back to their community is important to the Coachella Valley based teens. Sharing their story with other students and young business people is also top of mind for the young duo. Their message is simple, if you want to do something,  just do it! Don’t worry about being too young, or inexperienced… get in there and give it a try !

They are quick to thank their parents, fondly referred to as “THE Moms and THE Dads”, for their constant support and business expertise. With backgrounds in marketing, advertising, business management and all around good common sense, The Brandini kids know they have a built in board of directors to guide them along the way.

The Brandini kids show us that success can come at any age. They love what they do and intend on doing it for a very long time.

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2 thoughts on “Brandini Toffee- Wiz Kids

  1. Stacey Taddeucci says:

    My son loves this candy and went to school with one of the kids. He picks it up coming through Palm Springs. Is there a way to order it online or over the phone. I cannot figure out how to order from your website.

    Thank you!!

  2. Lynn says:

    Absolutely, They have a store on Hwy 111 and a very BIG website. CHeck it out. Love their story. They are both very special people.

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