28 Sep September 28, 2015

Decorating Techniques using TEMPERED CHOCOLATE

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 5.32.26 AMOne of our highly recommended suppliers of PREMIUM/REAL chocolate (couverture) is King Arthur Flour. Sound strange? a flour company selling chocolate? They supply the baking industry with amazing ingredients, including chocolate, pure Vanilla, flavorings and more. Gourmet, quality bakers want the best ingredients, King Arthur Flour is a place to find a big assortment of brands, quality levels and price points for chocolate: Merckens, Peters, Valhrona, Barry Callebaut, Guitard and a few others. Experimenting with several brands of chocolate to find the taste and ease of use you like is just part of the FUN as you begin your candy making journey 🙂

Tempering is a technique you must master when working with REAL chocolate. Once you have it…you will have an amazing time making gorgeous confections and chocolate decorations.

If your don’t know how to temper chocolate, I encourage you to get our QUICK START GUIDE TO GOURMET CANDY MAKING. Its a FREE 3 part VIDEO SERIES  that shows you how to select premium chocolate, how to Temper real chocolate and how to make a KILLER Ganache., even if you’ve never worked with real chocolate in your life!

As a little inspiration, watch the video below. Between the beautiful examples of making chocolate decorations and our 3 part How To VIDEO series, you will be good to go!


Video courtesy of King Arthur Flour, YouTube  
 Quick Start Guide to Candy Making

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