25 Aug August 25, 2016

FANCY CHOCOLATE decorating techniques from Callabaut

Chocolate Curls

Hi Gourmet Candy Makers, Enjoy this FABULOUS VIDEO from Callabaut showing elegant chocolate decorating techniques. The techniques require knowing how to temper chocolate (NO PROBLEM) In case you haven’t learned our simple tempering process, CLICK HERE for HOW TO TEMPER CHOCOLATE.
You’ll notice his work surface is a HUGE marble slab. Although wonderful to have such a big surface you can buy an affordable marble slab at your restaurant supply store, or buy a remnant at a marble and granite retailer in a size perfectly suited for home candy making. Watch a few of our videos to see the surface we use. Don’t be intimidated by all the gadgets he uses. He tells you in the very beginning the BASIC tools you will need… Enjoy the video and have fun creating 🙂


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