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Holiday Candy Course 2016

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So, you would love to make wonderful homemade gourmet candy gift assortments to give this year BUT…the thought of pulling everything together to make more than just one type of candy is a bit overwhelming, right? What to buy? How much to buy? How long will it take to make the assortments I really want to give? and… the biggest question of all HOW DO I GET ALL THIS DONE and still have time for everything else I have to do?  Sound familiar?

The Gourmet Candy Maker to your rescue 🙂



In just ONE short weekend we will help you produce a variety of  EXQUISITE, DELICIOUS and BEAUTIFULLY ELEGANT chocolates and candy delicacies your friends and family will NOT BELIEVE! Fill your gourmet gift list with nostalgic favorites and trendy new flavor combinations. Create assortments you can’t wait to give..


Rich Exquisite Gourmet Truffles,
Buttery Toffee,
Nut Brittles: P-Nut, Cashew and more
Favorite Chocolate Barks: Peppermint Bark, Almond Cranberry Bark, Everything but the Kitchen Sink Bark… YUMMM
Nut Clusters: Almonds, Macadamia Nuts, Pecan Clusters and Favorite Walnut
Double Dipped Cherries, Pretzels, 
Double Dipped OREO® Cookies and much much more.

Make FORTY POUNDS of  gourmet confections: That’s (40)  1 pound assortments of Elegant, Hand Made, Gourmet Chocolates and Candy Favorites. 

It’s all a matter of organization and a little preparation…. PLUS a few insider production short cuts we have learned along the way!  Know exactly what to buy, how to prepare your kitchen and organize the candy making work flow. Avoid double steps, use every ounce of ingredients, SAVE time and money by shopping ONCE. Don’t waste a minute of your time OR an ounce of chocolate!

The GOURMET CANDY MAKER is proud to release the Gourmet Candy Makers HOLIDAY CANDY COURSE just in time for Fall and the busy holiday season. Be FIRST to get this never before released course on Gourmet Candy Making in your home. Cut right to the chase, save money, time and hassle as we walk you step by step from shopping to staging your kitchen to packaging your amazing candy creations.

We are stuffing all we know about being kitchen efficient, saving steps, maximizing your ingredients, being super creative and having TONS of fun in the process…

Enjoy the holidays, create the gifts you really want to give this year and still have time and energy left over for FUN with your family and friends.


  • Detailed Shopping List: Shop with confidence. LEARN WHAT TO BUY and how much. Buy everything you need with ONE trip to the store, not five
  • Prepping your kitchen for streamlined candy making efficiency
  • How to stage all your ingredients
  • Detailed production timeline to keep you on track. For one person or a group of 5 friends, stay on track, save time and conserve your ingredients. Use every drop and have fun every minute!
  • Step by Step Video lessons on CANDY MAKING TECHNIQUES and oodles of DELICIOUS RECIPES to choose from.
  • MASTER the Basics of Gourmet Candy Making:
  •        Selecting the BEST chocolate for your recipes,
  •        How to Temper Chocolate,
  •        How to Mold using real Chocolate,
  •        Coating rolling and dipping techniques
  •        Creating elegant Truffles with a variety of ganache centers.
  •        SPECIAL recipe and HOW TO make AMAZING TOFFEE
  •        Mouth watering BRITTLES: P-Nut and CASHEW

Turn your kitchen into a serious CANDY MAKING POWER HOUSE.  Invite a few friends to join you and double or triple your candy production.

Make amazing Chocolate Truffle assortments, English Toffee, P-Nut Brittle, the seasonal favorite: Peppermint Bark, Almond&Cranberry Bark, Nut Clusters, Double Dipped OREO® cookies, Cream Center Bon-Bons, Double Dipped Cherries and more.

The Gourmet Candy Maker  Candy Making POWER Course includes immediate access to Online Video lessons PLUS downloadable Holiday Candy Making Recipes and How to Instruction e-books. Print the Shopping List and Production timeline and you are Good-To-Go! Watch your VIDEO tutorials as often as you want- Access is yours for a full year! And the downloadable materials are yours FOREVER!  As a member of the Candy Making POWER ELITE… be the first to get updates as they are developed: NEW Videos, NEW recipes, NEW creative candy making ideas 🙂

Gourmet Candy Maker Candy Cane Peppermint BarkBeing this efficient in your candy kitchen takes practice, time and experience…

The team at Gourmet Candy Maker shares their systems, tips and time saving steps developed over 25 years of making TONS of gourmet confections. Use our experience and high volume production techniques to your advantage.

We will show you how to make the most of every minute of your candy making weekend and HAVE FUN in the process.


Elegant Truffles,   Double Dipped Holiday Cookies,   Mouth watering English Toffee,   Nut Clusters


  • Where do I buy Premium Chocolate?
  • Do I use the same quality chocolate for ALL my recipes?
  • How do I keep my chocolate in temper when I am making so many candies?
  • How can use ALL my chocolate and have nothing left over?
  • What do I make first? Chocolate Bark or Chocolate truffles ?
  • What special kitchen supplies/equipment do I need to buy?

Make delicious Chocolates in your own Kitchen!



Peppermint Holiday TrufflesThe HOLIDAY CANDY COURSE  includes:  More than THREE HOURS OF VIDEO LESSONS

What products to buy

How much to buy

Prepping your kitchen for the best candy making weekend ever

Shopping List (PDF)

Work Flow Planner Your Day-By-Day timeline (PDF)

Recipes and step by step Instructions.  E-Book for Download

(and for the first 50 buyers: Home for the Holidays Chocolate House KIT)Holiday Chocolate House Molds, assembly and decorating tips.


How to Temper Chocolate, How to Mold chocolate, Coat, Roll and Dip delicious cookies, fruits and nuts! Learn Auntie Mo’s fantastic SUPER SPECIAL Almond Toffee recipe, Make P-Nut Brittle in 10 minutes and much much more!! 







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  1. Linda Webster says:


    I took the holiday candy course and loved it but somehow lost where I could go and review the marvelous videos. Could you send me the link to do so.
    Thank you.

  2. Lynn Hawks says:

    Hi Linda, sending you new log in details to reset your password. 🙂

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