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NEW to Candy Making- Gourmet Candy Making for Beginners

So… Candy Making has HIT YOUR RADAR! Where do you begin when you are eager to learn all about specialty candy making quickly? There are lots of cooking websites with a few candy recipes, a few blogs featuring candy making and lots of How-To Videos on You Tube showing candy making techniques… BUT… finding How to Make Home Made Candy, and the Basics of Candy Making, Candy Making for Beginners, and/or a Guide to Gourmet Candy Making at home… with Videos, Recipes, “How-To” instructions and time saving professional techniques… is another story 🙂

DSC_2656I am SO glad you are reading this because The Gourmet Candy Maker website was started for this VERY reason!

One place where you can find THE BASICS OF CANDY MAKING: Candy Recipes, How to Videos on specialty candy making, professional tips on working with premium CHOCOLATE, and time saving techniques for making fabulous English Toffee and Fresh Home Made Caramels, PLUS valuable resource guides for buying candy making supplies and fabulous PREMIUM CHOCOLATE.


Get our FREE QuickStart Guide to Gourmet Candy Making.  four complete Video lessons, all you need to know to get started and decide if specialty candy making is for you!





if you LOVE what you have learned in the Quick Start video series… then you are in for a treat. Just released for Fall 2015 the HOLIDAY CANDY COURSE will turn you into a candy making PRO!

CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK for the Ultimate “HOLIDAY CANDY COURSE” A super fast, action packed three day class (in your very own kitchen) that will teach you the basics of gourmet candy making as you actually make incredible confections 🙂

Take the class right in your own kitchen, follow our step by step plan. Watch more than 3 hours of video lessons, and follow along with our recipe/workbook. Get loads of time saving production tips and techniques.

Learn how to make fabulous chocolate Ganache for Truffles, Incredible Almond Butter Crunch Toffee, Peanut Brittle, delicious, creamy caramel for Chocolate Turtles all in just three days! Talk about timing right?  Click the image below for all the details:




Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.06.44 AM


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7 thoughts on “NEW to Candy Making- Gourmet Candy Making for Beginners

  1. Jane McGuffin says:

    I’ve done a lot of research & have more recipes than I will possibly make. I have a bunch of Wilton melts which are useless. I would love to learn techniques & which brands to use. I have no idea what HTML Tags or attributes are. Thanks

  2. Lynn says:

    Hi Jane, What do you mean “have no idea what HTML tags or attributes are”??? Maybe thats an extra line of text.. I will have to check. What would you like to know? What type to buy? Where to Buy chocolate ? Let me know what you want to learn and I will point you in the right direction! Thanks for commenting. Happy New Year

  3. Diana says:

    Hello Lynn… thank you so much for sharing so much helpful information! I am in the process of taking my home cottage baking business to the candy making business. Tempering has always been an issue for me. When you temper your chocolate, will it not melt easily when handled, and will it ship without melting as well? Also, you mentioned you would list some of the reputable sellers on Amazon, ebay, etc. I’ve been looking and haven’t found many affordable sellers with high star ratings. Could you let me know where your information is posted? Thank you again, so much for your help!

  4. Lynn says:

    How exciting! I love hearing about new businesses. I will send a list of vendors I have used and recommend to you this week. Re cost, I have found Premium Callebaut chocolate as low as 4.75# at local or regional restaurant supply companies. Otherwise expect to pay 6.00-8.00#. If you happen to find a super cheap rice online I suggest a phone call to ask the age of the product. You do not want dry product. Nothing older than 4-6 months.
    Once you begin to buy in bulk
    (For your business) 300-700# per order you will find wholesalers that will service your account and offer Fair pricing. Congratulations. Wishing you the sweetest success possible. Please stay in touch, I would love photos and stories as you proceed.

  5. Lynn says:

    Second part of your question: yes perfectly tempered chocolate is hard /crisp when cold BUT…. Real chocolate melts must faster and at lower temps. Avoid shipping between June-September. October-May is your premium chocolate delivery window. 🙂 hope this is helpful

  6. Helen Washington says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Read your reply to Diana about contacting vendors to check the date of their product. I have received older product and realized it did not look or taste like the same brand we used in culinary school. Unfortunately, this is not information taught in school. I would like a list of vendors for Callebaut products. The list provided by Callebaut’s Chicago office is very limited finding affordable pricing and a variety of Callebaut products. I am also looking for a packaging company. I like the packaging used by Vosage Chocolates. I currently deal with Nashville Wraps and a few other companies but the variety here is also limited. China’s packaging companies have the unique boxes but require a 3000 box minimum order.

    What is your recipe for white chocolate ganache . I prefer your chocolate ganache recipe. May the same ratio of chocolate to cream and butter be used for milk chocolate?

    It nice to have an expert to reach out to.

    Thank you.


  7. Lynn says:

    Hi Helen,
    Thanks for all the questions 🙂 I am glad you find our site helpful and inspiring! Re packaging, I order from Glerup Revere in Washington State. They have a huge assortment and you can purchase in small quantities. BUT… they are expensive, a premium source for fabulous packaging. Another resource is MODPAK They require larger quantity orders but also have very nice candy packaging. Now re CHOCOLATE suppliers. This is absolutely case by case. When you order online you “get what you get”.. If ordering a fairly large quantity I would definitely call ahead, establish a phone relationship and order accordingly. You can assume if you are buying Callebaut at a big discount, you “may” get out dated product 🙂 If it’s too bad, I recommend calling seller and returning product. The recommended vendors from Callebaut may require establishing an account and ordering large orders. When i need small batches (less than 100 #) I find a close by restaurant supply and check the dates as I purchase. Bottom line, if its very cheap… beware of out dated product. When in doubt CALL the source. If they won’t take your call… move on. RE: White chocolate Ganache. White chocolate is high in cocoa butter and sugar so it is very loose or soft. Always use less heavy cream and less butter. Judge the amount of cream as you go. If you are making a pure ganache center using the dark chocolate recipe, cut the heavy cream by 25-30 % (1/4 less cream per batch) and butter by 25%. From there it depends on the added ingredients: nuts, fruit etc.
    Milk chocolate ganache is very close to dark chocolate, if anything just a little less heavy cream. Let me know how this works and what you think of GLERUP REVERE and MODPAK

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