18 Dec December 18, 2009

The ART of Making Gourmet Chocolates!

The art of Gourmet Candy Making is all about using premium ingredients and a learning a few basic techniques.
Once mastered you will be able to make the most delicious and beautiful confections and candy treats imaginable.

People often think of candy making as difficult, hard to do and that working with REAL chocolate is close to impossible. Not so.  Making wonderful candies is easy and super FUN. Making Gourmet candy using REAL chocolate is also incredibly gratifying!

With just a few principles you will have a NEW craft  or art mastered and have a ball creating delicious fudges, truffles, toffees and chocolate holiday treats.

I consider working as a candy maker a true art because there is so much creativity involved.  You start with the basics and expand from there. Shape, flavor combinations, texture and packaging are all up to you and your imagination.

Two very important principles to follow when starting out

  1. INGREDIENTS: Buy the BEST you can find and afford.
  2. TECHNIQUE: Give yourself time to master the art of tempering chocolate.

chocolate-truffles-cocoaOnce you are comfortable with tempering chocolate, there is NO going back to the “other” chocolate substitutes.  Imagine being able to recreate those gorgeous, high priced gourmet candies from famous chocolate shops in your own kitchen!

It’s all a matter of ingredients and technique.

Many of the steps in candy making take a little time and attention. Unlike a pot of stew that you set and forget for several hours, you have to watch and stir the sugar mixture when making toffee, as an example.

Working with REAL chocolate requires a process called tempering. Again, a process that takes time but well worth every second.


The rewards of working with PREMIUM, REAL CHOCOLATE both visually and flavor wise just cannot be attained using lesser quality candy compounds or compound coatings.

DSC_2656CANDY MAKING ADVISE FOR THE NEWBIE:  Take a classfind a fabulous Candy Making recipe book

There’s lots of great information on making the “good stuff” The GourmetCandymaker.Com is all about making GOURMET CANDY MAKING FUN. Providing VIDEOS, RECIPES, and an active Facebook community… the answers to your questions and the encouragement to “give it a try” are all right here!


Click here for the


IT’S FUN!!  Go for it! enjoy your new craft adventure!

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